EOSC providers Workshop: Creating effective usage instructions & tutorials for your services

Service documentation for EOSC providers Workshop: describing your service for onboarding

Clear and comprehensive documentation is absolutely essential for a service – or any resource – to be discoverable and successfully used, both by existing and potential new target groups. There are many components of service documentation, including service catalogue entries, promotional materials, usage instructions and tutorials, technical specifications and richly commented code.

As an example of the first of these, a brief description (answering the questions What? For whom? and Why use?) is a required metadata item to be provided during the onboarding of all resources into the EOSC Marketplace.

In this workshop, we will start by giving an overview of relevant documentation types, and discuss some strategies for creating sustainable, effective and end-user-friendly descriptions. This will be followed by practical hands-on exercises focusing on how to prepare service descriptions according to the requirements of the EOSC onboarding protocol.

So bring your own service use case along, and join what we hope will be an interactive and productive description writing session!

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