Cultural ecosystem services – testing pDT with experts

In the growing field of ecosystem services, cultural aspects often remain less explored than their provisioning and regulating counterparts. Seeking to address this imbalance, BioDT project organises an online workshop on March 21, 2024 delving into a pioneering prototype digital twin (pDT) dedicated to cultural ecosystem services. This prototype melds the potential for recreation (RP) with the tracking of biodiversity occurrence (BD), providing a multifaceted view of ecosystem services.

BioDT pDT for Cultural ecosystem services

Cultural ecosystem services (CES) significantly shape the human experience in natural environments, yet their modeling has lagged behind other ecosystem services. Recognising this gap, our workshop introduces a visionary prototype digital twin (pDT) that uniquely blends recreation potential (RP) with biodiversity occurrence (BD). Our goal is to refine this prototype by integrating expert feedback, improving the roadmap, and enhancing our models and user interface.

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