Session 1 Recording - Long term monitoring of hard-bottom marine communities (IJI Validation Case #2)

LifeWatch ERIC e-Science for NIS Research Workshop | 20-21 Maggio 2021
Day 1: Marine Domain - Part 1

Chairperson: Matthias Obst – University of Gothenburg
  • Presentation of scientific (Katrina Exter – VLIZ Marine Observation Centre) and technological (Antonio José Sáenz-Albanés – LifeWatch ERIC ICT Core) results of the ARMS workflow: photographic and genetic data from Autonomous Reef Monitoring Structures (ARMS) to track NIS colonisation of European waters and monitor long-term changes of marine hard-bottom communities.
  • General discussion with relevant contributions from international initiatives/projects, including Dimitra Mavraki – HCMR, LifeWatch Greece.