Topic outline

  • Ecology in Castelporziano

    • About the Game

      Playing with Ecology in Castelporziano you you will explore the ecosystems and species that inhabit them, digging down into the factors that influence their distribution. You will discover the biodiversity heritage of Castelporziano, and why it requires constant monitoring and conscientious conservation.

      This game is intended for players between 14 and 18 years of age.

      • Objectives

        1. Species and ecosystems in Castelporziano: The ecosystems in Castelporziano have specific characteristics and provide habitats for some species of high ecological interest; discover how much you know.

        2. Space and territory for animal species: The distribution of animal species that populate Castelporziano is influenced by many factors including interactions between species; learn more with some examples.

        3. Management and conservation of biodiversity: Castelporziano represents an enormous heritage of biodiversity which requires constant monitoring and conservation measures; explore and learn.

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          Images: Photo Archive of the Castelporziano Presidential Estate