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  • Biodiversity in Castelporziano

    • About the Game

      Playing with Biodiversity in Castelporziano you will be able to test your knowledge of the management and conservation of resources at the Presidential Estate of Castelporziano and understand the legislative measures that exist at the European level for the protection of ecosystems. You will learn about the habitats and species of high naturalistic value that populate the estate, including some endangered species. 

      • Objectives

        1.Legislative instruments for the conservation of resources in Castelporziano: At the European level, there are various legal instruments that provide for the protection of ecosystems; deepen your knowledge

        2.Management and conservation of resources in Castelporziano: Castelporziano includes habitats and species of great naturalistic value; learn more about their management and conservation

        3.Protected species in Castelporziano: Castelporziano has a great wealth of fauna and flora; deepen your knowledge on the species that call the estate home and which are considered endangered species

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          Images: Photo Archive of the Castelporziano Presidential Estate