A game that takes you through the estate exploring it and traveling into its past and its history; focusing on its artistic and cultural aspects; and visiting its reserve to discover the ecological and biodiversity heritage it safeguards.

The game provides a guide to exploring the distinctive ecosystems of Castelporziano, focusing on the characteristic aspects of the dune ecosystems, describing the plants and animals that populate them, and then reaching the wooded ecosystem and pastures of the estate, and investigating the animal and plant diversity of these places.

Playing witBiodiversity in Castelporziano you will be able to test your knowledge of the management and conservation of resources at the Presidential Estate of Castelporziano and understand the legislative measures that exist at the European level for the protection of ecosystems. You will learn about the habitats and species of high naturalistic value that populate the estate, including some endangered species. 

Playing with Ecology in Castelporziano you you will explore the ecosystems and species that inhabit them, digging down into the factors that influence their distribution. You will discover the biodiversity heritage of Castelporziano, and why it requires constant monitoring and conscientious conservation.