The analytical workflow on “Functional biogeography of alien species” is conceived to address scientific questions on the ecological processes following the introduction of alien species. It evaluates and measures the impact of alien species on native communities by studying changes in functional traits (i.e. trophic position of the invader) and seek associations between those changes and environmental variables that could influence post-invasion shifts of the invader trophic positions. This workflow operates as an analytical pipeline using isotopic data of invasive species and their potential prey within the invaded food-webs.


Learning Objectives

It is expected that, by the end of the course, participants will be better positioned to:

1. Examine the technical requirements of the workflow’s services;

2. Process the services included in the workflow;

3. Run the workflow successfully;

4. Identify and troubleshoot problems that may arise while running the workflow.


Contents and Structure

In this training the user will be guided through the workflow steps and ICT services developed in the Tesseract Virtual Research Environment of LifeWatch ERIC.

1. Access and navigate the Tesseract platform.

2. A step-by-step demonstration on how to run the workflow services (video resource);

3. Technical requirements of each service/step (PDF doc);

4. A link to additional information on the validation case, including an open knowledge map;

5. A scientific presentation of the case study (video resource);


Target Audience

This course is aimed at early career researchers and anyone interested in learning how to run the workflow.

This workshop showcases the results of five research endeavours into Non-indigenous and Invasive Species conducted in the midst of the LifeWatch ERIC Internal Joint Initiative. It also presents the Tesseract workflows created by the ICT-Core to accommodate the analytical processes required for these researches.

The hands-on session navigates the LifeWatch ERIC Metadata Catalogue and LifeWatch ERIC Tesseract (workflows and VREs).

Authors: Colangelo, Oggioni, Tagliolato 

Coordinator: Colangelo